About Old Gods


Old Gods of Appalachia is an eldritch horror anthology podcast set in the darkest mountains in the world. Our world is an Alternate Appalachia, where these mountains were never meant to be inhabited.

Long before anyone lived in these hills, beings of immeasurable darkness and incomprehensible madness were entombed here. It was during this bygone age, when the Appalachians towered much higher and more menacing than the gentle slopes and ridges we know today, that they were conscripted after a great battle to serve as the final prison for those dark forces. But of course, time marches inexorably on. Eons passed and the walls of the prison begin to wear thin. And Things that slumbered soundlessly below for millennia began to stir and become restless.

They began to call to those who would hear them.

To dig. To seek and find. To follow and serve. To keep this dark and bloody land for themselves and their masters.

Alternate Geography

Old Gods is set in an alternate or shadow Appalachia. Our stories pass through hundreds of years of its history. This world feels eerily similar to the hills and hollers we’ve grown up with, but there are some tell-tale differences. The names of towns and counties may be altered. Historical events slide forward or backward in time.

The characters depicted in this podcast are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental or the will of darker forces that we do not understand.


  • Steve Shell

    Steve Shell grew up in Wise County, Virginia right by Bear Creek Reservoir on top of Coeburn Mountain. For 29 years Steve lived and wrote in those mountains while completing two BAs at the University of Virginia's College at Wise in mass communications and English literature. Steve has been fixated on the occult and supernatural happenings since childhood and has been called a Devil Worshipper enough times to prove it. Steve currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina where he taught high school English for sixteen years and was a host and main stage performer for The Moth StorySLAM from 2015-2020. Steve was nationally ranked slam poet for a long time and also does really nerdy stuff like playing in the Society for Creative Anachronism where he studies and teaches medieval bardic traditions and produces The Knowne World Bardcast, a podcast focused on the music and oral traditions of medieval reenactors.

  • Cam Collins

    Cam Collins is a native of Wise, Virginia, where she cut her teeth on the spooky folklore of the region. A lover of all things that go bump in the night and dyed-in-the-wool spooky bitch, Cam also produced and co-hosted Appalachian Arcana, a podcast featuring regional stories of folklore, true crime, cryptids and other general weirdness. She worked as a graphic designer and programmer in her life before OGoA, and holds degrees in English (BA, University of Virginia at Wise) and Speech Communication (MA, University of Georgia). Cam currently resides in Bristol, TN/VA, with her partner and their cats, dog, and snake.

Actors & Collaborators

  • Kataalyst Alcindor

    Kataalyst Alcindor is a spoken word artist whose work focuses on the people, culture, and history of his beloved native city, New Orleans. The two-time National Poetry Slam Champion was the only poet chosen from thousands of submissions to appear on the second season of Lexus sponsored television show Verse & Flow, a season that earned the show a NAACP Image Award nomination.

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  • Stephanie Hickling Beckman

    Stephanie Hickling Beckman (Merlin) has been attached to a theatre in one way or another over the last 24 years. Though she is proud to say that she has worked with most of the theatre companies in Western North Carolina, as an actor or director, Stephanie has lent her voice to several projects including recurring gigs with “In The Moment” as a screen actor as well as a voice actor.

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  • Brandon Bentley

    Brandon Bentley was born and raised in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, and studied Musical Theatre at Emory & Henry College. Brandon currently resides in Cincinnati, OH, with his partners and dog. He has been seen on many stages across Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, and Kentucky and always looks forward to sharing an amazing story with his audience.

  • Dr. Ray Christian

    Dr. Raymond Christian is a retired US Army paratrooper who grew up on the poverty-ridden streets of Richmond, VA. The son of illiterate parents, his love for the written word sparked his dreams of a different life and led to many adventures, including seeming impossible educational achievements and life as an amateur farmer and professional family-man.

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  • Corey Ryan Forrester

    "The Buttercream Dream" Corey Ryan Forrester is a comedian, author, actor, producer, and host of The WellRED Podcast. He is currently touring on The WellRED Comedy Tour w/ Trae Crowder (The Liberal Redneck) and Drew Morgan.

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  • Shasparay Irvin

    Shasparay Irvin is a Black, queer, performing artist from Austin, Texas, with a B.S in Theatre and a Minor in African American Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 2018 they were the 10th Ranked Poet in the World.

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  • Aliya Johnson

    Aliya Johnson was born, and raised in the foothills of Northwest Georgia, and spent partial summers in the Lowcountry of coastal South Carolina. She studied Theatre and Performance Arts at Kennesaw State University before opening Flour Child Cakery with her family shortly after her 21st birthday.

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  • Veronica Limeberry

    Veronica Limeberry, a half-Cherokee native of Western North Carolina, is professionally a doctoral student studying the intersections of indigenous land rights, agrobiodiversity, and sustainable food systems.

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  • Ashe Loper

    Ashe Loper is a poet, outdoor educator, and slightly feral prairie mutt who currently resides in central Oklahoma. Her poetry draws inspiration from the natural world, the human condition, and all the equal measures of brutality and softness that exist in between.

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  • Yuri Lowenthal

    Yuri Lowenthal lives in Los Angeles where he writes, produces and acts. In 2004, Yuri launched Monkey Kingdom Productions, an independent film company, with business partner and wife, Tara Platt. MKP's first feature film, written by Lowenthal, TUMBLING AFTER, is out on iTunes/DVD. He and Platt currently have five feature scripts and have co-authored a book on voice over: Voice-Over Voice Actor. Yuri also penned the novel Tough City.

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  • Allison Mullins

    Allison Mullins is a native of the Appalachian mountains, born and raised in the hollers of Wise County in Southwest Virginia. She finds creative joy as an actress, jazz and blues vocalist, and sacred touch instructor. She resides in Johnson City, TN, serving the community as a Priestess, healer, and an Appalachian animist witch.

  • Betsy Puckett

    Betsy Puckett is a board-certified wingnut. She was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina where she found her love of the arts. Over the years Betsy has helped start a dance company, was a founding member of an all-female sketch comedy group, performed as her alter ego Augusta Wind on the LaZoom Comedy Bus Tours and somewhere in there made a dress out of sporks before she found her way to emceeing The Moth Story Slam and the amazing talents of her host Brother Steve Shell.

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  • D.J. Rogers

    D.J. Rogers (he/him/his) is an educator and poet from Raleigh by way of Smithfield, NC. His areas of expertise include critical race theory, social and economic justice, and sensitivity reading for black, indigenous (Eastern Cherokee), and LGBTQIA+ representation in media. He is also an educator and advocate in the field of education policy and equity. He can be reached at hrogers@alumni.unc.edu.

  • Brandon Sartain

    Brandon Sartain was born in East Tennessee and spent several years there before moving to Kennesaw, GA with his family. As a graduate from Carson-Newman University, an institution located in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, with a B.A. in Theater, he has performed in several shows in the community theatre world around Atlanta and features in several films produced by Bonesaw Entertainment and is represented for film and television by JVA. Brandon has been working with Old Gods of Appalachia and is very passionate about continuing in voice-over work.

  • Jordan Shively

    Jordan Shiveley is the author of the Dread Singles (@hottestsingles) Twitter account. Their work has also been seen in a variety of short fiction collections and tabletop roleplaying games as well as the Caring Into the Void podcast. They live and work in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a cat and partner both of whom often merge in ways unimaginable to the human mind. More at jordanshiveley.com.

  • Charlie Smith

    Charlie's family (on both sides) have been from the Appalachian Ohio and West Virginia area since immigration, before Ohio became a state. As a neurodiverse and disabled Appalachian, they found it difficult to find acceptance and harmony within our culture. Yet the spirits of this land have shaped and nurtured them into the queer animist they are today, and they are very grateful.

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  • Landon Blood

    Landon Blood is a musical necromancer currently living in the great state of Louisiana. Capable of summoning ghosts and unchaining spirits with a voice that sounds like your granddaddy's rocking chair harmonizing with the black heart of a coal mine, Landon has been a friend of Old Gods since the very beginning.

  • Those Poor Bastards

    Ugly and broken songs of doom. Those Poor Bastards is Lonesome Wyatt (vocals, guitar) and The Minister (banjo, bass, percussion, backing vocals).


  • Blood on the Harp

    Steeped in old time Appalachian music with notes of classic country and rock & roll, deep-fried with the eerie cold shoulder of death and despair, Atlanta’s six piece Americana/southern gothic Blood On The Harp dons their blackest attire and darkens the door of Atlanta’s music scene.

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  • Keena Graham

    Keena Graham performs vocals and keys for Blood on the Harp, and offers private vocal and piano lessons.


  • Gravesend Weavers

    Gravesend Weavers is what happened when a creeping Eldritch horror and a folk musician accidentally wrote a few songs about the things that live under the roots and the terrors that taunt humanity. An album will emerge soon.


  • Jacob Moore

    Born in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains & raised on DIY punk house shows, Jacob Moore is a songwriter with more than just a fire in his belly. Successfully merging the punk folk of Chuck Ragan & Frank Turner with the catchy melodies of the Goo Goo Dolls, Moore (formerly of Sundale & Dullside) writes melancholy songs you’ll want to learn & play for your friends.